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Frequent Asked Questions

What is a forensic evaluation? A forensic evaluation refers to psychological evaluations which deal with legal issues. Psychologists are called on in these cases to provide objective and comprehensive evaluations and to give expert testimony (when needed) in an effort to aid the trier of fact.

How do I arrange for an evaluation?If you are a client, then it is best to contact your attorney prior to contacting our offices. Typically, it is easier for us to speak with your attorney initially to determine the type and scope of evaluation needed. Further, in many cases we will require a court-order before we begin an evaluation and your attorney can assist you with obtaining this.If you are an attorney, please contact either our Central Virginia office at 757-408-2266 or our Tidewater office at 757-407-1566, we would be happy to discuss your client’s case with you.

How long does the evaluations take?The length of the evaluation process depends on a variety of factors. We understand that there are often time constraints involved in legal processes and we will do our best to meet court dates or other time constraints. If you have questions, please contact us today to find out when we could schedule your evaluation.

Where do the evaluations take place?We have a variety of options to complete evaluations. These include our professional outpatient offices in both Tidewater and Central Virginia. We are also happy to see defendants in jails, prisons, hospitals, at their attorney’s office, or at court houses. Sometimes we also see clients at group homes or their local Community Services Board offices, as long as prior arrangements have been made. Please contact us if you have questions about our cover